Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh India 2016

The Yoga Alliance International is one of the most prominent groups that expert in giving classes for different type of yoga activities. Non-stop 200 hours residential Hatta Yoga Teacher Training Programs is organizing in collaboration with the above mentioned group in the picturesque destination of India – RISHIKESH. The destination is also regarded as one of the most religious places where one can achieve the peace of heart and soul.

YOGA is a Sanskrit word that defines – “the stilling of the changing states of the mind”.

The Yoga Alliance International is one of the most prominent groups that expert in giving classes for different type of yoga activities. Non-stop 200 hours residential Hatta Yoga Teacher Training Programs is organizing in collaboration with the above mentioned group in the picturesque destination of India – RISHIKESH. The destination is also regarded as one of the most religious places where one can achieve the peace of heart and soul. The land is surrounded with beautiful landscapes covered with blanket of snow in the winter season and it is also recommended as one of the paradises on earth where you can witness the beauty of the Mother Nature. The training program is offering ample of opportunities to the local people as well as the tourists visiting the destination. There are thousands of reasons that one must undertake the services of Yoga to have a hale and hearty life. Life is full of activities and struggle, but we must not depress with those unwanted conditions. Here is one of the best ways to rejuvenate mind, body and soul, that is, YOGA is the activity that you can practice and concentrate your mind to have a vigorous life. The entire program is managed by the eminent person who have already experienced in the profession for long years. During the course, scores of intellectual person will give a lecture and demonstration classes regarding the field and these people are source of information and knowledge. You can interact with them anytime during the training and they are ready to help you in your needs and demands. The duration of training is 4 Weeks, properly planned scheduled and during the whole 200 hours you will learn and earn experience that you can utilize in the times to come. The training program is quite enough to make your career in the field of Yoga and the certificate provide by the organization for the training will be eligible to work in any institute located in different part of the world.

The training offers an awesome experience that no one have been experience in their past life. During the course you will meet people from different regions across the world, interact with them and share some unforgettable moments of life. Be happy and take the training with great hope, aim and determination. Be happy and spend time in a most leisure manner like never before. The entire training will be a moment to remember in your lifetime. During the course you will not only study, you will practice practically and after the end of course you will become as expert in the field of Yoga. Don’t wait for the last bell, the registration for the up-coming course is going on. You can take admission in your favorite course by clicking the link provided below. The intake capacity is very less and we are giving chances to all of you but be alert FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

DURATION OF TRAINING: 4 Weeks (200 Hours)


HAPPY LIFE depends upon your living style. Yes, we are living in a modern world and automatically lead to live a luxury lifestyle. But, luxury lifestyle is not possible without good health. Healthy conditions in all aspects are very important. Now, we are at the right time to make our mind, body and soul healthy. YOGA is one of the practices that we can earn all these things at a single time. Always remember those golden words – “PRATICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT”, therefore take the training for 200 hours Yoga Course and learn how to live a sound full life both mentally and physically. Different forms of Yoga such as Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation offers ample of benefits for the physical and mental development. All the exercises included in YOGA have tone of health benefits and gives full support in strengthening our physical and mental power.

Yoga practices help physical health in these ways:

• Blood Circulation.

• Massaging the Muscles.

• Glands and Internal Organs.

• Increases the flexibility of the spines.

• Controlling Nervous System.

• Increase Brain Memory.

• Relief from stress.

The exercises also help in developing self-confident, mental power, well power and personality. Therefore, world accepted that YOGA EXERCIESES are the ideal way to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Take the training for sure and escape from the daily busy life schedule.

This 6 Weeks training offers fabulous opportunities to the youth as well as the other matured people. Those who are looking to develop their career in the field of YOGA can earn lots of experience and the main advantage is CERTIFICATE issuing by the institute is recognized by the all the institutes located in every nook and corner of the globe. Be alert seek more information and get admission for sure.


The syllabus for the training is properly lay-out by the experts and fixed a schedule to complete within the duration already mentioned earlier. Everything required for the course will be provided by the institute. We understand each of you and all of you are important for us. Here is the syllabus covered in the training.

yoga Tour

Note: The schedule may change according to the time and situation. But, no worries everything should be handled and informed to you by the organizer.

yoga Tour


Registration fees – USD 200
Course fees – USD 1500 (Including Registration)

Booking amount due with the application is USD 200 and this amount is non-refundable. The remaining fees for the course need to be paid on arrival. All the requirements for the training are included in the fees except the personal expenditure. Get admission in advance and at the time of admission everything related about the training will understand carefully.


• Comfortable accommodation with attached bathroom and other complimentary services.
• 3 lip-smacking Yogic Vegetarian Meals in a day and 2 time tea.
• Ayurvedic Massage and Cleansing techniques – Shatkarma Kit.
• Materials required for the training such as 2 yoga books and 1 note book.
• The training will provide CERTIFICATE certified by the YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL at the end of training.

Members of the organizer will always with you during the entire course. You can contact to anyone to assist in your single need and demand. People are very friendly and well-speaking everyone is ready to satisfy your requirements. Services provided for the training is world premier class and enough to make your stay a hassle free and very comfortable for the entire 200 hours. The training includes not only study but also there are lots of things you will experience during the hours.


Personal expenditures and other travel, sightseeing charges are not included in the course fee.

• Optional-You can take the service for transportation from NEW DELHI AIIRPORT TO RISHIKESH and Vice-versa by paying a TAXI FEE – US$ 100 (ONE WAY). BEAUTIFUL RISHIKESH is located at a drive of around 250 kilometers (approximately 6 hours) from the metropolitan Delhi.


• Trainees should be able to Read, Write and Speak ENGLISH fluently because the medium of instruction is ENGLISH.
• At the time of admission minimum age should be 18 year and maximum age should be 60 year.
• If you are going through any medical treatment. You must inform at the time of registration and need to provide Medical Certificate from authorized person.

These are criteria for taking the course and all these are mandatory. If found any wrong information then your admission will not be entertained.


Notice carefully that all the fees of the course are non-refundable. If there is any changes in schedule, course structure and other at our discretion trainee may transfer fees at least 20 days before the starting of that course. After giving information to the organizer by the students they can allow to change from one course to another. If there is any problem, the decision of the organizer will be final.


Here is an important thing for those who are looking forward to take the training from outside the country, that is, INDIA. Foreign students must arrange their TOURIST VISA and TRAVEL INSURANCE from the authorized organization before leaving their country. Getting VISA is very important and make sure to plan everything before the date of departure. No worries there are many agencies that provide best-of-the-best services for travel insurance and visa. Please learn more how to get your visa and travel insurance through internet or you can contact any agency let them know your requirements, they will get back to you in a short period of time with sufficient and effective solutions.

Other Information:

Tour Times:-

India is great options to make your trip gorgeous times will be according your destinations between far each other all things are listed in your travel package and are probable.

Communication Skills:-

Generally speaking in India English Language.

Electricity Power:-

The domestic electricity supply in India is 220 volts most of hotels have three round pin sockets therefore we recommended travel adaptor set.

What Things To Pack:-

1. A light jersey or swindle for early morning plus in sunset because air-conditioning can be cold in restaurant.
2. Lightweight clothes like cotton, well dressed casual exceptional in hotel.
3. Footwear for game drives relaxed with this and will be strong.
4. Formal clothes and sandals and shoes are accepted for make relaxing go for dinner lunch and breakfast at your hotel or lodge restaurant.
5. According your personal basis needs like sunglasses, Sun cream and hat applicable.
6. According your needs for capture your trip in camera applicable are camera, spare batteries and memory cards.
7. According your needs mobile laptops and charger are applicable.
8. If you want to swimming according occasional swim you need to pack Swimwear.
9. Exceptional carry your Binoculars.
10. Exceptional for caring over mosquito repellent and spray.
11. Exceptional the clothes if need to change during tour to religious places in India where you need to change like that your tour guide can suggest you where necessity.
12. Exceptional for caring over self antiseptic, Handy wipes, hand gel and bottled water where possible you can.
13. Exceptional carry according country local currency for handy for ad-hoc tipping!

Optional vaccination:

We advise you to talk about your individual necessities for India with your GP at least 6-8 weeks previous to travel.